For a week I did volunteer work in Lesbos (from the 7th to 15th of March 2016, this was before EU made the deal with Turkey, now the situation is different over there.)

I helped to build tents, tidy up camps, did night shifts at the beach to see if rubber boats with refugees arrived from Turkey.

Also every evening I was in the port of Mytilini (Lesbos). From here, the ferry departed daily to Athens.

With my Polaroid camera I took family photos at the harbor.
I gave the picture to the family as a reminder of this part of their long journey.

With every picture I heard a story of a family,
I saw sadness, but also pride.
They were relieved that they survived the most dangerous part of their journey, with, the rubber boats.
Also I saw a lot of smiling people because they start to get hope again.

Many thanks to Movement On The Ground and all the volunteers working on the Island.
I will come back for sure.

And Europe please, welcome these people <3

I am not now what I have been
though a far-off home may remind me
I was what I am no more
Forward I must go to the other shore
and find in the end I am where I was
Many thanks:
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